Back to Back: Wicked Pissah defeats Hard Merchandise in Tuna Wars VI

THE LIBERTY’S WINNING weights after gill and gut were, (L-R), John Plaziak (167.7), Mike Lum (172.8), Dennis Yamamoto (174.2) for a total of 514.7 pounds. Photo by Chanda Rella

By WON Staff – July 7, 2021


Wicked Tuna’s Captain Paul Hebert and his Team Wicked Pissah successfully defeat Captain Dave Marciano’s Team Hard Merchandise in Tuna Wars V and VI for back-to-back championships aboard Captain Jeff’s Tomahawk, then Captain Taro’s Liberty Sportfishing! Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea able to send 1,500 more kids fishing

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Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea organizes marine- awareness fishing trips for children who might not otherwise have such an opportunity to witness the beauty and splendor of being on the ocean. Youth are provided with on-the water ocean preservation education where they learn hands-on about the ecosystems that exist in our coastal waters. We serve disadvantaged, physically challenged, and at-risk youth. Since 1999, over 130,000 children have benefited.